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Who We Are and what we do.

Auto Sol (automation solutions abbreviated) is a full-service automation integrator, family-owned and operated out of Montgomery, Alabama. Auto Sol Inc. has been tirelessly serving members of the manufacturing community for over 15 years, with industries served such as automotive supply, food, spirits, chemicals, aerospace, textiles, plastics, and more. From custom conveyor systems, to packaging machinery, robotic cells, and other storage and retrieval equipment, Auto Sol has worked with countless innovative material handling technology in nearly every industrial environment. 


Doug Grice founded the company in 2008 after working in the manufacturing field as a controls engineer for 15+ years. Auto Sol began as a programming and panel shop and since then, has grown to become a turnkey integrator with all engineering as well as installation services in house. 

Today, Auto Sol remains a key provider for dozens of manufacturers across the state of Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and beyond. In 2020, Auto Sol began shifting its market focus towards logistics and supply chain. Eager to expand, Auto Sol developed strategic partnerships with numerous solutions providers across the southeast and midwest territories. Presently, Auto Sol is a turnkey provider for mid to large scale conveyor and sortation systems all across North America providing everything from the  design stage to onsite commissioning. By leveraging capability with reputable systems and hands on experience, Auto Sol aims to perform at high capacity and continue serving material handling customers better by providing a one stop shop experience.

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